Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My 2 for 2sday are two films I watched/read recently on the Sundance Channel.  I really like this channel because they show films I would not ordinarily choose. (You can also read that as: I watch because I am too impatient for channel surfing so I just leave on whatever station was last viewed by another family member).  Anyway because of migraines and just not feeling well, S and I cut our crop weekend short and we both went to our respective homes to recoup.  I still was in a scrappy mood, so I put on the tube and gathered a few supplies and got to work (this wasn't too easy as I became engrossed in the film and had to stop to read it).  Anyway, Film 1 was THE HOUSEMAID.
Subtitled.  I've found that once you get used to "reading" films, it does get easier to watch and read at the same time. This film is a remake of the 1960 film The Housemaid. In the 2010 version, Eun-yi, is played by Jeon Do-yeon, a housemaid who has an affair with Hoon, the man of the house.  Meanwhile, his wife, Hae-ra, is pregnant with twins.  Hoon and Hae-ra also have a small daughter and Hae-ra’s mother, Mi-hee, also resides with them.  There is Byung-sik, the main housekeeper who has been with the family forever, and knows everything.  Eun-yi becomes pregnant and Byung-sik tells Mi-hee who “fixes” it.  And then … well, you will have to watch/read it for yourself.  I will say, the ending was not what I expected.

Because I was determined to finish at least the cover of my scrapbooking project and I was not yet ready to go up to bed, and because I don’t change the channel unless its those late night advertisement shows, I watched the second. Er, read/watched the second.
The story of Àsia and art student who volunteers to model for Eloïse, an art teacher.  The story opens with Àsia in a coma in a hospital room.  From there the tale is told through flashbacks, i.e., Àsialosing her father, her first boyfriend, her relationship with her mother and then her changing friendship with Eloïse.  I found this film sad and lovely.  Diana Gómez stars as Àsia and Ariadna Cabrol as Eloïsein this 2009 Spanish film directed by Jesus Garay. 

And that's my 2 for 2sday.  

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