Sunday, July 1, 2012

What Today Was Not: Cold!

The temperatures here in Pittsburgh have been in the 90's, and will again, today, climb to around 92 degrees.  In my 1915 home I do not have central air.  I do have ceiling fans, a box fan and a stand-up fan.  They help if you are sitting directly in front of them or under them.  This does not make for a very productive day.  I think if I ever choose to start a new collection it will have to be box fans. All shapes and sizes.   
Right now, as I sit here waiting for the girls to awaken so we can begin our day, when I think of the word COLD, all I see is the frosty pitcher of iced tea that I made before going to bed last night. I think of how I am going to pour that COLD amber liquid over a glass filled with ice cubes.  I think how sweet and COLD and refreshing that first glass of iced tea will be and how I will need to pour another.  
And now I am thinking I better go brew more tea, because once those girls are awake, one COLD pitcher is NOT going to be enough.

Word inspiration: The One-Minute Writer daily prompt for July 1, 2012: COLD. 

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