Friday, July 6, 2012

Today was HOT!  As it should be, being the prelude to tomorrow which is currently being forecast as the hottest day of our year (here in PA).  A little background, neither my house nor my car has air conditioning.  The house has a few ceiling fans and two box fans.  With that said. . .
. . . today is rehearsal dinner day.  My nephew is getting married tomorrow and today is the rehearsal and dinner.  The day began early as I made my hair appointment for 9:00 a.m. [what WAS I thinking????]  From there, we (Kayla and I) drove to Wilmerding to hunt for a little bakery/eatery called "Our Place Homemade.”  This was recommended to me as I needed dozens of ladylocks (I did have all intention of making these myself, but, well I, well, it didn’t happen), and Giant Eagle, whose ladylocks I devour!!!, though they call them clothespins, told me that they were a seasonal cookie.  W-H-A-T?!  I would eat them all year!!! Oh, maybe that’s a good thing.  Anyway, we went in search of Our Place Homemade and anybody who knows me, Mom, Amanda, KAYLA!, knows that I get lost driving around the block. Seriously!  There was this one time. . WAIT! that’s another post.  Okay, so after driving around this one area in a few circles, K remembered she had seen the road we needed once before.  What a co-pilot! We found it. Picked up the cookies and then began our trek to Pluma.  And yes, it was a trek.  And yes, I started to doubt myself and eventually pulled over and called Pluma who said I was on the right track, to keep coming down Route 30 a/k/a Lincoln Hwy, pass the Dairy Queen, and then . .DAIRY QUEEN??!!  That’s all I heard.  That was our next stop.  Nutter Butter Blizzards – limited time only! YUM!!!  Back on the road, Pluma was the next corner.  Who knew???
After dropping off the cookies, we travelled back home to take a rest, clean up and ready ourselves for the rehearsal.  And we got lost going to the Church.  Were a tad bit late.  Sadly, my photos are dark and blurry.  I am still learning how to use this Canon and all its features.  Rehearsal dinner was at Yamato Hibachi & SushiBar.  A first for me and K, my Dad and Mom, too.  Good, good food!  All in all, despite the heat, today was a good and fun (and yummy) day!
Kayla - ready to rehearse (handing out programs)
The couple to be - Mike and Jolene
The theme is peacock - rich jeweltone colors - gorgeous!!
Onto dinner.
The place setting.

Appetizer - Sea Salt Edamame
Our Chef - hat on fire
And the Feast of Food begins!

The Bride to Be and Guests
A "wedding cake" for the Bride

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