Sunday, July 22, 2012

To Flea Market We Will Go

Today donned hot and sunny.  Joey and the girls wanted to go to the Flea Market. We picked up K on our way. As Mom and I had begun brainstorming the day before ideas for our annual Christmas party, flea marketing was perfect as I was on the look out for apothecary type jars.  I found one, it's plastic, but for a quarter, it's PERFECT!  Also, picked up a box of vintage glass ball ornament (love these!) and an old spoon. I don't know, it reminded me of cooking over a campfire, something I have never done, so I really don't know why that spoon appealed to me. Weird.  Anyway, K added dolls to her collection, Jade added a Buzz chair, and Cammi got a Lucy (of Peanuts) classroom toy. 
Then Jade, brave Jade, got her ears pierced. She did marvelous!
After picking up a few groceries and dropping K of at Carl's house, we went home to bake lazagna and watch Curious George 2.  This weekend was one of my favorites!!!
I love shots of them walking.
Curious George spent the day, too.
Thrifting works up an appetite.
That's not dirt on her chin, it's a Smiley tattoo.


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