Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's Movie Time!

Soooo, we let Cammi pick the movie this time and she chose Katy Perry's Part of Me 3D.  Good choice.  Katy is such a pretty girl.  I like most of her songs (especially "Teenage Dream").  She is so personable, so likable, so darn cute!!!  When she was sad, we were, too.  The girls' loved the free posters and the totally rad 3-D glasses which Cam and I wore out into the sun and K got upset and read the package warnings to us.  JEEZ! Sometimes, she behave so grown-up! 
Anywho, I can remember when Kayla first "discovered" Katy, it was through Youtube videos, namely, I Kissed a Boy and You're So Gay.  The girl (Katy) has come a long way.
Joey, such a good Dad, dooned the 3D lenses and watched the show, too.

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