Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hooray for Chuck E. Cheese!

I have the 3 grand-girls today and Kai.  Kay and Kai are leaving for Virginia tomorrow so I wanted to do something special with them.  First stop through was the eye docs so Kay and I could pick up our new shades.  Then a quickie stop at Pat Cataan's for some adhesive (upcoming crop). Then to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch.  My sweet Mom met us at Pat Cataan's and then joined us at Chuck E. Cheese.  I AM SO HAPPY she did.  My chance to get a photo of her with each of her Great Granddaughters.  
New Glasses
Trying out the goods at Pat Cataan's
Singing for tickets with Chuck E.
Games! Glorious Games! Keep thy children Busy!
Food! Glorious Food! and no clean up!
Cammi, my happy girl!
Winning the mother lode of tickets
Jade, another happy girl
My K and Kai. Gotta snap em when I can
Ah, there's one.  Hi Kai!
The picture of concentration
Nan and Jade
Nan and Jade and Cam
Nan and Cammi
Nan and Kayla
Like to take THAT home (oh, did I say that out loud?) Oops.
Jade on a virtual roller coaster.  Wow! It's like real life.

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