Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On My Mind

What's on your mind today?  What are you thinking?  Me? I'm thinking of summer. Summer and all that I want to accomplish during my Project Summer 2012.  I have so many goals and I'm still so excited about really fulfilling those goals over the next three months.  I have lists and lists and lists!!! I am working on our Summer To Do List (although we've already started doing); my Summer Project List and Summer Reading List, Cleaning Lists, VA Donation Lists, Summer Movies List, and so much more!
Kayla's last day of school was yesterday.  I had upgraded her phone to the 4G (whatever).  Her BF Kai and I both have Instagram downloaded on our phones and had Kay to the same this past weekend. I told her that her summer project was to take a photo a day and upload.  Today is Day 3.  I am looking forward to seeing what she posts today.  
Speaking of the girls, WOW! I do get sidetracked. Anyway, we went to the Mall Sunday.  Kay wanted a, ah, um, something from Victoria's Secret.  Mom gave her birthday money early.  It was a chilly day, but we made the most of it.
Look at that sky!
Kai and Kay

Total silliness.
Yes. They are real Crickets
Oh, but this was so gross.  Real crickets. Flavored.  Two of the girls that worked at this store, shoot, I forget the name of it, have actually eaten one and one of the girl's brother eats them all the time.  YUCK!!!!!
True to form, we end most every shopping trip at B&N.
Now, this is good eating.
Back to my lists.


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