Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's 12:07 a.m. Welcome July!

SO MUCH to do.
BUT right now, right at this very minute, it's quiet. It's HOT! but quiet, except for a giggle now and then drifting up three stories from the neighbor's backyard where Kay and Kai are camping out in a tent. They have spent the whole week together (not in the tent) but together.  Kay has been vacationing at my home eight days and counting. I've loved every minute of having her here. Coming home after a long day at work (like the good ole' days) to the bustling energy that is that child.
Cammi and Jade are asleep in the bedroom on the second floor.  Cammi turned down sleeping in the tent out of fear a spider might bite her.  She spent her day at a birthday celebration, then coming home here, updating her blog, eating banana peppers, curling up with me on the couch and watching Mirror, Mirror.
Jade took a liking to a lightweight sweeper.  She carried it around the house most of the day, welding it like a sword or staff, lugging it up and down the stairs.  She plugged it in and swept the living room rug twice.  She hiked in the woods with her Dad, watched cartoons, ate ice cream. After her Dad, she was the second to fall asleep.
The last day of June was a long, fun, hot, lovely day. Spent with family. Spent shopping with Amanda for her birthday presents. Having lunch with Mom and the kiddies at Amanda's and the children swimming in the pool. Eating sliders and potato pancakes for dinner while watching Flapjack (Jade's choice). Doing laundry. Watering plants. Repotting one. Planting more.
I hear no more sounds from below.  It's so quiet it's like the whole street is asleep. Maybe I should be, too.
Goodnight June, 2012.

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