Thursday, May 31, 2012


Tomorrow is June 1, 2012! I am so excited about the start of Summer!! Summer themed projects, summer themed foods, summer weather (can you feel the sun shining???). Summer!! And these awesome books/journals which I am going to fill with summer stuff!  I have been waiting for the 1st of June to roll around so I can kick-off my “Project Summer 2012”.  It’s going to be totally amazing and crazy and so much fun.  For the next three months, I am going to document each day, and each day is going to be filled with projects, i.e., crafts, scrapbooking, reading, exercise, organizing, home-keeping, mini-holidays, concerts, picnics, summer t.v. shows, blockbusters, the drive-in, dates with the Mister, time spent with the kiddies and with my Mom, trying new recipes using in season foods, the Arts Festival, a wedding (Mike and Jolene's), birthdays (Amanda, Melissa, Kayla) and just everything summer!!!!! 
The black book is going to a Smash Journal (like it's size better); the other  "green" notebooks will be filled to the brim with lists, stickers, pictures, ephemera, journaling,
Currently listening to: Summertime, by Billy Stewart.

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