Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Read Books...and everything else!

When I was in the fourth grade I flunked reading. I could read the same paragraph over and over and not be able to tell what it was about. In reality, I flunked comprehension. I did go to summer school for reading and the one on one attention helped to make me a better reader, but not a voracious one.

When I was in the seventh grade, we were reading "The Outsiders." It wasn't a long book, but it was good. At that time, I could not tell you how the book ended as the assignment was finished before I was. I was a slow reader.

When I was 16, my Mom gave me "The Wildest Heart" by Rosemary Rogers. That book was thick! and it was a romance. Really, Mom??! I can't tell you why, I haven't a clue, but it was like something huge clicked. I devoured that book and so many others in the months, and years that followed. I even got a job at the local library during my high school years.

Today, I read everything: books, cookbooks, magazines, blogs, newspapers, labels, the backs of cereal boxes, everything! There is reading material in every room of the house and I never leave home without a book or magazine in my purse. Goodness forbid I get stuck on the elevator without something to read!

When my kiddies were young, on rainy days, I would gather them in blankets and we would sit on the porch and read. I still know the titles of their favorite books.

Books for me are like films, I have a really hard time choosing just one favorite. If you have never read "I Know My Love," by Catherine Gaskin, well, you might want to put it on your list. Every Christmas, I read "Little Women." "Bridget Jones Diary," and "The Shopoholic," and sequels are a few fun favorites. Get out the tissues if you ever choose to read "Ride the Wind," by Lucia St. Clair Robson.

I am currently reading "The Recipe Club," by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel, as much for the story as for the recipes.

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