Thursday, May 17, 2012

31 Days: Thoughts on Jewelry

My Mom always says I live in accessory HE-double hockey sticks.  When she was not retired, she dressed to the nines. Earrings, rings, necklaces, pins, scarves, the whole shebang. 

I remember having my ears pierced when I was around 14.  My sister and I and a few friends got out the ice cubes, a potato, matches (for sterilization), and a sewing needle and did it ourselves.  Ahh, youth. 

I do not wear much jewelry.  In fact, I go through periods of not wearing any at all and I do not know why that is.  When I was married, I only took off my wedding rings if I was making meatloaf or cookie dough.

Although I have hung a plastic expandable hat rack on my bedroom wall to hang necklaces (no more tangles) and own a jewelry box, I have rings, earrings and necklaces all through the house.

I like jewelry and I like mine to be tiny, dainty; elegant. A few of my favorite pieces are a Bulova watch, a custom made gold ring, a promise necklace, and a gold bracelet. I like wearing rings, but I have to admit that I am really tough on them.  I’ve cracked one, lost a pearl, and bent a heart ring.  All while wearing them!  

Currently, I have been wearing rings that I just purchased through a co-worker’s jewelry party.  They are bigger than what I would normally wear but they look pretty.

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