Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Morning Monday! and WW, Part 3 - The Church

What a beautiful start to this week! It is gorgeous out. The temps are already in the high 60's and climbing. The weekend was lovely, busy and I made it through despite suffering sinusitis. Blah!  This week will be a busy one, what with dentist appointments and a bridal shower. Planning the garden and catching up on housework.
Back to the Wedding. It was lovely.
My Son, the Groom
Waiting for the Bride
The Bride, being given by her Brother
The Girls
The Best Man
A Most Happy Couple!

Tooth Time - K and I both have dental appointments this week.  Today's tear file article is most appropriate.

For the Tear File: Breath Fresheners: 1. Water - Bacteria's sworn enemy is oxygen, which is found in your own saliva. Drink water to produce more saliva. 2. Vegetables - Fibrous veggies, like celery and cukes, boost saliva. Crunchy veggies help remove plaque on teeth. 3. Green tea - straight, no sugar, no milk. Green tea temporarily decreases sulfur compounds in the mouth. 4. Tea-Tree Oil - put a few drops on toothbrush, brush back of tongue and along gumline, spit out excess. The oil will kill odor-generating bacteria. 5. Sugar-free gum - saliva.  6. Mouthwash.  (Content found in the May 2011 issue of Real Simple)

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