Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lovely, Snowy Day

Today began early with a good morning text from K.  Her next text read, "Ugggh look outside."  See, today was to be our Valentine Slumber Party.  But we got snow. All day.  So we rescheduled for next week.  K was upset until her friend called to ask her snow tubing. That brightened her day considerably.  
I rather enjoyed being snowed in, spent most of the day in the kitchen.  I roasted a chicken and cooked up stuffing for supper.  Then divvied up the leftovers and now have prepared lunches for the work week.  Washed a few loads of laundry and then set to baking sugar cookies for some of my sweetest Valentines. 
Cleaned up the kitchen.
It's still snowing and you should hear that North wind blowing!

 Which makes this all the more inviting.
Have a safe and blessed evening!

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