Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February's Crochet Project

Do you know that at the beginning of this New Year, I made a list of, like, a zillion things I’d like to accomplish/learn/do this year? I did. My idea is to choose a few each month and accomplish/learn/do and, like last month, I once again am a tad late writing out my monthly goals. Been too much “stuff” going on here.  Anyway, this month’s Crochet Club project is dishcloths.  Cute little squares of color to wash up and clean with. I found a lacy dishcloth pattern at the Lily Sugar n Cream website that I'll be using. Nothing elaborate, rather easy and pretty!
I started my Walking Club yesterday (club of 1): I walked 2 miles. I will be walking 2 miles again today.  I will be back into that brown pant suit, that gray pantsuit, that...by April 7. I will, I will, I will try to be.
Update: I didn't walk two miles today, but I did do 30 minutes of Latin Groove Dance - good workout!
My K just texted and said she is crying and has no idea why.  It's a blue, blue Tuesday in these here parts.  Hope your day is much sunnier!

Note to Self: Water those doggone plants!

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