Thursday, January 19, 2012

Napkin Art

I have a brood of artsy children/grandkiddies.  They doodle anywhere and everywhere.  On anything.  Now that they are older, they've stopped drawing on the walls and doors.  Hmmm, well, maybe not Jacob.  He's 2.  Though he hasn't least not to my knowledge.  K writes on herself.  It's apparently some preteen cult thing.  That's irritating, especially when it takes forever to wear off.  My two sons are very good and I really wish they would have pursued their talents.  Though, I guess my eldest sort of did.  He is a housepainter and a darn good one, too.  He doodles on EVERYTHING (except himself). I think.  I found his latest on a napkin in the kitchen.
Pretty good.  He should really pursue it.
Bowling tonight!  And I walked a mile already this morning and will walk another this evening.  But I didn't water the plants. But I did do laundry.  I did put gas in the car, but I didn't clean my room.  Dag, I can only cross off two of yesterday's Note To Self list. That's sad.  I am not adding anything else to the list until I get caught up. Wow, that's sad.

NOTE TO SELF: Check out Craft Yarn Counsel, WATER THE PLANTS, Find the Chicago photos to finish that album, CLEAN YOUR ROOM.

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