Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Countdown - Wk 2

Seven weeks til the big day. Can you believe it??? Today threatens to be the last of our "unseasonal" weather.  It's been reaching the mid-to high 60's here in PA.  Heavenly!!! 

This week: Keep shopping! Check out church and community fairs for handmade decorations. Start picking up nonperishable items for your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.  Think about how you will be decorating this year - real tree? are you going with a theme? will you be making decorations?  Amanda and I are going to have a little workshop with the kiddies and have them make toilet paper Santa Clauses, reminiscent of one Amanda made me years ago, which I have and, much to her chagrin, pull out every year.  He is so faded and worn, but he's special!

I've been thinking about a centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table.  I was entertaining the idea of a cornucopia, but Mom and I made these adorable pumpkins for Halloween and I think if I line them up lengthwise down the table, it will be darling.
We had visited a cousin who had taken real pumpkins, scooped out the tops, filled them with dirt and planted mums. It was adorable.  We were going to recreate those, but upon entering the Dollar Store, we spotted these Styrofoam pumpkins, stopped at Michaels for a few flowers, and with wire cutters, shortened the stems and poked them into the tops of the pumpkins. Waalah!

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  1. Christmas is indeed around the corner and still need to get a turkey for Thanksgiving... time flys