Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moon over Pittsburgh

This was the moon the evening of September 12:
This is from my kitchen window.  The light shines through the back of the house and its just gorgeous.  It was so much more breathtaking than what this conveys.
Here is the moon the following morning:

Here is today, not the moon, but just how gorgeous it is here this morning.
This is taken from the Smithfield Street Bridge.  I walk across it most mornings.  It's one mile to my office.  Good walk.

And here is more catch-up for LSNED:
Day 9 – Gratitude.  Well, this list is as long as day, but I have two constants in mind.  My Mom – always and forever.  My daughter, who keeps my house clean and, fancy that today was one of those days.  How grateful I am when I walk in my door after a hectic work day and find a sparkling, clean house.  It’s a wonderful feeling and I am so grateful that she wants to do it.  Thanks Amanda!!!

Day 10 – Organization is the bane of my existence (well, there are other things, but...).  There are mornings I have climbed my two flights of stairs at least five times (and that’s just going up) before I get out the door in the morning. So, I have refined my morning and evening routines.  This coming week will be the test.

Day 11 – Reading and studying the manual that came with my camera has been on my to do list forever.  I treated myself to a great little camera, but I have no idea how great it really is because I just look at that manual and it’s so overwhelming that I put it down for another day.  Recently, I was frustrated over the date showing up on every photo and just this morning figured out how to turn it off.  Don’t know what else I set or unset in the process. So, for the next few weeks, I am going to sit down and study that manual and really get to know just exactly what all this camera can do.

Day 12 – Learn from your mistakes.  Do not keep secrets or think you can handle it yourself – trust others.  This was actually learned a few weeks ago, but today is as good as any to reflect on how it all could have been handled differently. It’s over now, and although it won’t be forgotten, time will heal all wounds.

Day 13 – I love my weekends.  Absolutely.  My Monday through Fridays are pretty routine.  Not much changes – well, there are little ebbs and flows.  But the weekend – anything goes!  I very rarely sleep in – don’t want to waste a minute!!!  Weekends are for catching up with my Mom, shopping, eating out, doing odd jobs around the house, visiting, relaxing.  I love my weekends!

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