Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Rainy Labor Day Weekend and Day 4

I don't mind the rain. I actually like it.  If K were here today, we would walk in it. Without umbrellas. The rain does keep me from concreting a hole in the sidewalk. Hmmmmm.
I happened upon this Irish saying which I found so appropriate for me (I can do it): If I did it yesterday, I can do it today, and if I did it today I can do it tomorrow"  Hit's a chord, huh?  So, today I will walk a mile, scrap another page, do a little office work, etc.
Let's catch up, shall we???? Saturday was lovely.  Okay, it was hot.  Mom, Mike and I went to the Strip District. The Strip is exciting. Lots of people. Lots of vendors peddling gyros and oysters on the shell, flowers, pastries and cookies - baklava, pizzelles, and cream horns, oh my!. Lots of excellent smells, er, except maybe the fish market.  Those smells are not so good.  We had breakfast outside at a little cafe.  We stopped in at the kitchen store in search of an old type coffee pot. It wasn't there.  At Mancini's we picked up some fresh, crusty baguette.  Oh, the smell of fresh baked bread!  We went to the Pa. Macaroni Co. to get soppressato, cheeses, that the line????? Uh, we changed our minds...and forgot to look for the coffee pot.

I bought three plants for $5.00 from a vendor.  Pretty, pretty potted flowers.

After the Strip, we traveled to Trader Joe's in East Liberty. That's where we bought the soppressato, cheese and herbs.  And a few other groceries, too. Then to Home Depot, or was it Lowes?  Home Depot for concrete. Sears for primer. Then J.C. Penney's to pay a bill and, low and behold, they had the coffee pot!!!  It's so pretty.

Home Sweet Home. And that was just Saturday.  I watched Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married?" Not so much comedy, but good drama. I scrapped, too.
Sunday, Mom, Janet and I went to Bingo. It's the 1st Sunday of every month.  I won $30.00. Rah! Rah! Home again. I did laundry. Watched some tv. Read. 
And here we are today. I have lots I would like to do today.  But first, I'll walk that mile.  Have a great day!!!

Note to Self: K wants this pillow for Christmas.  J.C. Penney.

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