Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 7 A Lesson Relearned

What I relearned today is that only I am responsible for my own happiness.  Not the Mister, not my family, not my co-workers.  Being happy is a frame of mind, you can either choose to be happy, smile and have a good day; or you could choose the opposite.  This evening when Mister called and said he would not be able to make it over, I found myself feeling a bit blue and maybe a little angry towards him.  And then I realized how I was behaving.  Was I really going to spend the evening bummed and blame him??? Heck no!  I had things I wanted to do and I was not going to sit around sulking.  Besides, Mister and I always have tomorrow.  
Speaking of tomorrow, it will be my Mom's 70th birthday. It's hard to think of her as 70 as she is a 5' 2" bundle of dynamite.  She moves furniture, carries heavy bags of groceries, drives EVERYWHERE - this woman knows a shortcut to the corner.  Should have been a cab driver in NYC.  She's awesome, full of energy (wears me out) and just the best.  And I love her lots.  So, dinner, tomorrow, with Mom.  
Good night all!

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  1. Good points for all of us.... we must choose to be happy and some times we must relearn that which we know but overlook. Thanks for the reminder.