Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LSNED and Daisy D's

Tomorrow is the start of Shimelle's (annual) September Learn Something New Everyday project.  Although I usually participate through my blog (and I plan to again), this year I am going to attempt to get it down on paper.  Just a photo and some words, a ribbon, a flower, a button or two.  September in Pennsylvania is the start of the fall season, the leaves will change, the evenings will get cooler, the acorns and buckeyes will fall from their branches, it's lovely, and these papers and embellishments from Daisy D's will be perfect! (Also, trying to use what I have and not buy anything more).

And speaking of stash, I hadn't realized how many kits I had accumulated over the past few years.  I've decided to buckle down and get a few made to hand out as Christmas presents.  I'm rather excited about it. 

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  1. Great choices of colors! I agree that the simpler you make it the more chance of being able to follow and finish the class!