Monday, August 8, 2011

Did You Know. . .

. . . that NASA puts out a new photo/image of your universe every day?  It's fascinating (and educational).  You will find today's photo here.
The weekend went too fast.  I picked up K Friday, took her to the Doc's for her bruised wrist Saturday and later we met J&T and Cammi and Jade for an evening at the drive-in. As Jade is only 4 and totally into the Smurfs, that's what we saw, along with Zookeeper.  Zookeeper is an Adam Sandler film, not bad, great soundtrack.

Sunday - Bingo with Mom, Amanda, Melissa, and Janet. I love these girls. Fun afternoon.
Visit from the Mister.  He's fun. He's sweet, too. (Just what a guy wants to hear, huh?)
School will be in session soon.  The days are getting shorter (I know this from the drive-in start times). I am compiling my annual "Things I hope to to this Fall" list.
No photos cause K is on strike from having her photo taken. So, I'll just share more from our vacation.

I am still reading this book. It's good, I'm just slow
View of Perry's from the Beach
Making Sandcastles
Sandprints (K)
OMG! This blue is my new favorite color.

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