Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to the Basics

Met my Mom early this morning and followed her up to the Pittsburgh Mills so that I could drop off the car for an oil change at Sears.  The car is now good for another 3,000 miles.  We stopped in at J. C. Penney's to pick up a gift and checked out Borders "going out of business" sale and had breakfast at Eat n' Park.
Speaking of cars, K and I spotted this one on the Wharf last week.  It has eyelashes! It was so cute.

Back at the house we cleaned out the downstairs kitchen (slated to one day be a laundry room) and although the walls need painted (badly), and some plastering needs done and the sink needs replaced, the room is again functional and looking quite pretty.  Thanks Mom!

As for the sink, a contractor said that underneath is galvanized metal, most likely rusted and that it would have to be replaced.  Eventually.  So, for now, we got a board, covered it and will use it as a shelf.  They just don't make sinks like this anymore, do they?
Now, coffee percolators, I'm talking the old kind that you boiled coffee in right on the stove, they do still make.  Talked with a lovely and quite helpful salesperson (Maria) at J. C. Penney's who not only told me where to get one but also gave me a few tips about using an espresso maker if I opt to go that route. Did a search on the Internet and found a cute Paula Deen black 8 cup percolator on QVC.  Then hit upon Campmor.  Now, why didn't I think camping equipment in the first place?? Duh!
Pioneer 8 cup by GSI, found at Campmor
 And I know, I know, with all the modern appliances out there, why go backwards? Why want to do more work?? I don't know, there is just something so quaint and charming about doing most of the work yourself and not relying on a machine.  And maybe it's time to get back to the basics.
Well, I must say goodnight here and remember to read this post over first thing tomorrow a.m. for errors as I am drifting off as I type....... Nite!


  1. You could save some money(and time) by changing oil every 4K rather than 3k miles without any harm to your engine. (confirmed by independent studies which show no breakdown in the oil by going the extra 1k miles) Of course your car shop will not be happy to lose the extra money.

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