Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Thinking I should finish that bedroom on the second floor soon.  My niece gave me a queen size mattress. I've been looking at platform beds because then I won't need a box spring.  I have a wicker headboard so I really do just need the frame.  I'm thinking of this one.  It would be perfect.  And everyone knows I love QVC payment plans!

Speaking of payment plans - huge one in the making.  Kayla is getting braces.  Whopping $4475!!!  Talk about sticker shock. Oh, man. But she needs them, so there we are. Heck. Forget about the bed. For now.

She stayed over Saturday and we went to the theater to watch this:

She liked it . . . ALOT.
That night we watched this:
Weird. Totally.
She stayed over last night.  We watched this:
I liked it . . . alot. 
Weather is COLD. Sundresses and sandals, sundresses and sandals, sundresses and new mantra.

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