Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday, Mom and I went to Applebee's for lunch, where I had a fabulous shrimp/spinach salad, (it was so good, I recreated it last night at home) and shopped up Pittsburgh Mills. (DB coupons!!) Wonderful day! Saturday was my spa day. I also went to Panera's for lunch with Mom, M & M.  Also began decluttering my darling K's room.  She has TOO MUCH STUFF!
The Before Photos
Ben visited. He is getting good at writing letters and words though maybe he should learn better words.

Saturday evening I watched "For Colored Girls."  Good movie.
Sunday I picked up K and took her for breakfast. We tried Denny's which we will not try again. At least not for breakfast.
 Then Barnes and Noble for midday snack.
Taco Bell for lunch.
Sad I know.  I am ashamed. I was L-A-Z-Y. and I hadn't gone grocery shopping.
In the evening, my neighbors hosted an Oscar party.  It was my very first one.  I had a GREAT time!  They rolled out the red carpet:
Put out lots of food:
Joe, our host
and kept the drinks and shots flowing.
Andrea, our hostess
Monday, was COLD and RAINY. Amanda came to clean but I talked her into lunch and shopping.  We went to Barnes and Noble and bought a few dinosaur books for B.  He loves dinosaurs!
Then to Yankee Candle for some lovely spring scent.  Afterwards, lunch at Panera's where B made himself at home STAT!
And of course I can't leave the Waterfront without a stop at DB.  Plus Mel gave me her coupons!! So, I bought a dress . . . or two. And a shirt for Amanda.
And that's it. That was my weekend and now I'm back at work. Working. No, really.

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