Monday, March 14, 2011

Wearin' of the Green

Which I did not do.  I wore red.  Had my hair done in the morning and because I am so brilliant - - - got stuck in the parking lot and couldn't get out of town until 1:00. So, I hung around the office catching up on filing til 3:00. 
The Hair
 Did see the bagpipers and the bomb squad parade down the Boulevard.  Have to say that for once the weather for the St. Patrick's Day parade was fabulous!
The Parade
BUT Mel, B, M and R TOTALLY enjoyed the St. Paddy's Day festivities.  Here's the gang riding to town dressed to the nines:
The Pretty One
The Tough Guy
The Fun Guy
The Wild One
Mel & M
M before he went aerial. Sorry M, had to.

Friday night, Mel and B and I supped at Red Lobster.  I hadn't been there FOREVER! It was so good!!!!  
K went to her first school dance.
I watched Unstoppable (excellent) and Morning Glory (will OWN it) and caught up with Survivor.
Had morning donuts with Mel, B and M. 
Rode out to Amanda's and visited the kiddies.
Did laundry.
Let the Officer know that I would be out of town later in the week. Asked him to check the place out.  
Keep it safe.
And that's about my weekend.
Have a TO DO list made that needs checked off completely by Wednesday night. 
Gray jeans - b/pink top (black tee under)
Light blue jean - tee
Capri jeans - tee (white?)
Swimsuit & towel
Toothpaste, floss & brush
Hairbrush, flat iron
Make-up bag - remember Moisturizer
Thursday - wear tennis shoes, white raincoat, black jeans, b/w frilly top.
Book - Shopaholic & Baby
Make sure kitchen is clean
Wipe down bathrooms
Straighten living room, dining room, bedroom
Finish decluttering K’s room
Finish laundry
Put trash out Thursday morning

Hair - 1:00 - Thursday
cable, phone, Moon crop
Put away money for Columbiana weekend
Doesn't give me much time.
Today we got our salary increases. Thursday we get our evaluations. Should be the other way around, don't you think? Ah, but I am just a peon.
Well, back to work.
More signs of Spring


  1. I feel so overwhelmed by my to do list. I don't think thereare enough hours between today and wednesday night to get it all done.

  2. Absolutely. But let me know if I can help!!!