Monday, March 7, 2011

Rainy, snowy, cold weekend.

Perfect for staying in and watching movies...or going out to watch movies.  Picked up K Friday.  First, we went grocery shopping so she'd have something to eat.  Back home we settled in and watched Burlesque, which we had seen at the theater, but HAD to watch it again. and again the next day with Amanda and Kai.
Saturday morning - running back to the car after tanning
Saturday morning we drove into town so I could tan (gotta get that base before hitting Venice Beach), then to Loews to see Beastly. Though we got to the Waterfront early, sooooooo, you know, that meant Starbuck's.
Totally Tea
Okay, so there was a photo of a tree trunk hanging in SB, so we decided to take our own "artistic" photos.
Beastly was good. Really.  Afterwards, we picked up lunch at Steak n Shake for us and Amanda (who was cleaning the house for me (YOU TOTALLY RAWK!!)) and Kai came over and that's when we watched Burlesque, again.  Amanda went home, the girls texted. . . each other, friends, each other, me. Weird.  Looked into bowling but the leagues own the lanes after 6 p.m., plus, it's pretty pricey to bowl weekend evenings.  Thought about cosmic bowling, but knew I'd be too tired (getting old, shhh, don't tell anybody). So, we opted for Monster Golf in Monroeville.  Fun.
This is actually the last hole, but the best photo
After we finished, we topped off the evening at . . . guess!  I really need to take stock out in this place.  Actually, I am giving it up for Lent. Not just the coffee - Starbuck's itself.

I love these girls.  Even though they did tell me I was immature. Seriously? Moi? Seriously.
Sunday morning we woke up to this:
After packing up the girl-child, we lunched at TGIF, where she insisted on demonstrating how crunchy the fries were.  Hear the crunch??
Selecting the perfect fry
Hear the crunch?
Yeah, and I'm immature. Right-O, K-Bear!
The Officer who is also a Gentleman came over to watch Knight and Day and to let me know that I needed to learn how to defend myself. Either gun or knife.  I'll pass and thank you to do your job - protect me. He gets so exasperated.  I wonder why that is???

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  1. pics reflect fun but packed weekend,... shouldn't hurt to learn how to handle a gun safely..esp with right instructor