Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Want, I Need

So, I get this text, "I need UGGS by the end of March."  Ooooookay.  So, I text back, "Get a job."  Seriously. I searched on line for a sale. Well, the snow is over here for the most part.  Isn't it?  So, they should be on sale. Alas, no sales on grey, 1 button UGGS. Can you say OT? 

Later I get a text, "I want 2 c beastly."  Oooooookay.  "What is beastly?"  "Look it up."  Seriously??? I did. It's a modern day Beauty and the Beast.  I watched the trailer. Cute.  It's a go.


  1. The purchase will probably mean no more snow this season, failure to purchase will probable mean a lot more snow to come. soooooo

  2. Oh, guilt. Thanks! HA HA! Seriously, she will get the UGGS and then it had better not snow til December!