Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Countdown - Day 2

Working on The List.  
K's room looks much better though there is still more to be done, you can walk through there now. 
Did laundry but have more.  
I picked up meds this morning.  
Decided I am going to throw in a sundress and a sweater. JUST IN CASE.  
Remember the sunglasses.  I have an allergy to the sun (ironic, huh?) so I NEED the shades. Which reminds me to take the eye meds.  Wonder how I'll transport them - they need refrigerated.
Charge the batteries.
Parked in town today cause I was informed I will be working late.  That kind of sucks cause that cuts into my getting the List completed. 
Am eating my very first Jimmy John's Unwich.  Now, Jimmy John's bread is seriously good stuff.  But this Unwich, the lettuce is so cool and crispy. Yum.
Sorry, couldn't wait.
The Unwich, unwrapped
This is good stuff.  I have to find out what type of lettuce this is so I can make my own.

My latest K text (with notations):
K:  Heyy grammy will it be ok if u pay for me to go with S to her church camp
(Hey K, exactly what financial institute do I remind you of?)
M: When and how much?
K: Don't pay attention to this message. Hi
M: What? Don't you want to go?
Then she calls me on the phone to tell me that she was on another phone call. Then instead of answering me, hangs up and texts: in july if not the end of june 30 buckaronies.

To my family: You know that state of confusion I visit often?  I am escorted there.

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