Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Countdown - Day 1

Today is the day to tie up all loose ends before we depart for LA tomorrow.  Ugh! The pressure!  I packed my suitcase first (its small). Decided to use Mom's instead (it's bigger).  Then I put in clothes, took out clothes, put in clothes. Brought the suitcase to work and stored it under my desk. That's it. No turning back.  I will have to do with what I packed.  I'm going to freeze.
Mel came over to the office to meet with LSB. I previewed the interview tape.  I laughed, I cried. It's fabulous! Then I tanned and we went to the Pittsburgh Fish Company for lunch. 
It's Daffodil Days here.  I bought two of the potted Daffodils.  One of the attorneys I am responsible for, Mr. T., gave me these:
The List is getting shorter:

Toothpaste & brush
Hairbrush, flat iron
Make-up bag
Thursday - wear tennis shoes, white raincoat.

Make sure kitchen is clean
Wipe down bathrooms
Straighten living room, dining room, bedroom
Finish laundry
Put trash out Thursday morning
Put gas in the car

Hair - 1:00 - Thursday

Quitting time can't come soon enough.

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