Sunday, February 6, 2011


... So, Mom, Mel, Mike and I went to breakfast yesterday morning, and then D&B, where Mike, bless him, gave his honest opinion while we girls modeled a half dozen pieces of clothing . . . each.  I value Mike's opinon and my Mom's, too.  My taste in clothes, hmmm, well, I'm not saying, but Mike and Mom make sure I am going to look like a million bucks.  I got 3 tops, a pair of slacks and 2 dresses.  Bring on spring, please! Then we stopped at Michael's Arts & Crafts for Mom.  Mel picked up some pretty green flowers for Cathy's vase for St. Paddy's Day.  My sister loved her holidays. 
   Onto Lane Bryant, where Mel modeled some fashionable finds and Mom got her first pair of jaggings.
   B&N for coffees, a magazine for me, valentines cards for me and Mom and a book for Mel.
   I think that was it. After we all went to our respective homes, I got a lovely, hot bubble bath. Talked to Mister, whose work hours are getting ridiculous, but then again, that is his livelihood, and then drove over to the town center to pick up a bottle of Limencello, and a few items for tonight's dinner.  As I go to get in my car, I notice that sometime during the night some piece of #%#^ broke a back passenger window (not the roll down, but that little piece of glass towards the back) and ransacked my car.  I have a 1997 Toyota. It has been driven by my sister, and two 16 year olds. It has alot of dents (kinda reminiscent of crash car derby) and screams "I have nothing of value in me."  And it didn't.  Hope you cut a vein smashing in the glass or Hey, get a job! 
    All of that leads me to the fact that the officer who came to write up a report was a great guy with an excellent sense of humor.  We sat and talked and laughed for about 30 minutes.  Good guy to have on my side.  Oh, and his partner - the K-9!

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