Friday, February 11, 2011

Routines = Efficiency

As I may have mentioned before, I have a routine for keeping my house clean or at least fairly clean.  I have company often, many times unplanned (the best kind) and so I need the place to be presentable.  I do pay to have it cleaned twice a month (SO WORTH EVERY CENT!), but I realize its up to me to keep up on it.  That's why, as you will see on my sidebar, I post my daily list.  If I follow this list (it changes slightly day to day), I never get behind, there are no piles of clutter and laundry does not climb the walls.  It's an easy list and once you got it down to a routine, it's a breeze.  Plus I like making lists.
Keeping it clean
 This weekend plans have changed. Kayla has a birthday party Saturday and Sunday, so I plan on staying around the house. Baking sugar cookies for my Valentines. Cleaning my room and catching up with some of my favorite reality shows. Thank goodness for weekends!


  1. Cleaning the dishes may not be fun stuff, but eating off a clean plate sure beats eating off a dirty one. Let the list continue.......

  2. @One who has been changed, true and you have a great sense of humor!