Friday, February 18, 2011

Organized = IF I were . . .

IF I were organized, I would not have to climb the two flights of stairs in my house at least five times each weekday morning looking for things I need.
IF I were organized, clothes would not be strewn all over my bedroom each morning because I can't decide what to wear.
IF I were organized, I'd have time to pack a lunch, eat breakfast, tie my shoes.
IF I were organized, I'd know right where that DB layaway receipt was so I could pick up my new jacket and sweater.
IF I were organized . . . IF ONLY.  I can hear Tim Gunn now, "GET IT DONE!" . . . working on it . . .
On that note . . . it's gorgeous here TODAY!!! Currently 64 degrees.  I HAD to go for a walk at lunch.
Blue skies, some clouds

But the sun is peeking through

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