Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's the Year of the Rabbit

Especially good for those whose birth year falls under the Chinese astrology "Dog," as Dogs are compatible with rabbits. Don't dogs hunt rabbits?  Whatever.  Let me just say that, yes, I do occasionally (okay, often) view my horoscope, or as I like to sometimes fondly put it: horrorscope.  It's usually the first thing I read upon sitting at my desk.  I use it as a sort of guide to see if I should talk to anyone that day. (Smile)

This is good but I wish it told which was going to be the unfavorable month.  Anyhoo, after last year, which was awful with my sister's passing and Dad's heart attack, this year can only be better. (fingers crossed)

Dog Overview

The Year of the Metal Rabbit should have all dogs barking for joy. This year's ruling animal is one you get along well with. Also, your sign's ruling element is the same as the year's element. This means you'll probably find comforts, pleasures, and successes abundant in 2011. In terms of your yearly overview, you have 10 favorable months, 1 neutral, and 1 unfavorable month. With a 70 percent outlook for the entire year, you can expect a hefty portion of fortune. The Rabbit's love of comfort and security is highly compatible with your sense of loyalty and protection. People will probably notice your achievements. You might be the center of attention. Get gussied up and be ready to shine.

Dog Rating

70% (10 favorable, 1 neutral and 1 unfavorable month)

Dog Career

You've got that humility and loyalty act down pat! Your superiors in the workplace probably value how dependable and hard-working you are. This year you'll complete projects on time, outshine the competition, and breeze through work like it's the easiest thing on earth. If you've been wanting to start something new, you might find the opportunity to try it. Interested in an internship with a non-profit organization? Want to try your hand at a jewelry-making business? You've got the wits and the know-how to make just about anything happen. So do it.

Dog Relationships

Your loving and nurturing qualities will be strengthened by the Rabbit this year. Relationships will probably become easier and infused with new life. Have you been planning a new addition to the family? Are you ready to take your relationship into marital territory? Babies, weddings, and engagements might be part of your life this year. If you're single, you might find a compatible mate to curl up with after a hard day's work. Be open to putting your heart on the line for the sake of love.

Dog Health

Your emotional and physical sensitivities could be heightened by the Rabbit's influence this year. Make sure you're taking good care of yourself and nurturing a mind-body approach to wellness. Stomach aches, stress, or allergies might be issues. Are you taking the right vitamins? Do you have any food sensitivities? It might be a good idea to visit the doctor and get allergy tested. Something as simple as a gluten intolerance could be responsible for your ailments. Give yourself plenty of opportunities for rest and relaxation. Candles, bubble baths, and meditation music are your friends in 2011.

Dog Wealth

Ready for more of the good stuff? Your bank account should get a boost in 2011. There will be several occurrences of Triple Metal days -- where the element of the year, month, and day all match. Since Metal is the element most closely affiliated with wealth, you might see more money coming your way. During you favorable months, think about ways to spend your money wisely. Does your house need a makeover? Are you dying to take a Indian cooking class? Put your dollars toward something useful and satisfying. There should be enough leftover to have fun with too.
My K. She was born in the Year of the Tiger. That about sums her up. Grrrrl.

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