Friday, February 25, 2011


Catchy title, huh? 
Rainy, snowy, cold, wet day.  
A shout out to Amanda, home with three little sick ones. Sorry chick, been there, done that.  
Had a lovely afternoon with Mom. 
Made a stop at DB (OH YEAH!) and lunch at Applebee's. Ooh, good shrimp and spinach salad. Yum! 
Slowly clearing the clutter out of K's room. 
Thinking spa weekend - gotta plan.
Lots of exercise. 
Maybe pay per view a movie.
Maybe a libation . . . or two. Oh, just joking Mom, never touch the stuff. Don't know how it got in the freezer, or the shelf or on the rack or even the table!, did I mention spa weekend???
Gotta go now. Later.

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