Monday, February 7, 2011

Awwww Steelers!

Can't say I watched the whole game,  Made it to the end of the second quarter and went to my room to play on the pc.  Though today was fabulous!   First off, my winnings arrived in the mail yesterday.  Yay!!! Getting rid of these last ten pounds starts NOW!!
Me and Mister curled up on the couch in the afternoon and slept/watched golf.  Sunday afternoons are so wonderfully cozy - my new favorite day and past-time. Thanks Mister!

 Jayme and Ben came for a steak dinner and to watch the game.  Ben went home at half time and Jayme came back to hang and watch the tube.
Ben is growing so and his vocabulary blows me away.  What a delight and ball of energy he was!!

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