Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Spa Weekend

Occasionally, I will have a diy spa weekend.  There is nothing wrong with a little bit of pampering.  And we start this morning.  My goal, by Monday morning, is to be well groomed, rested and lighter (preferably 5 pounds lighter, but that's a bit delusional).  So here is the plan, though I am getting a late start as I 1) slept in; 2) got a call from the boss and needed to do some work; 3) talked to Mom and Amanda; 4) texted with K; 5) checked my emails; 6) checked out the Penguin ticket site for future gift ideas; and 7) generally procrastinated. we go.
1. I ate lunch.
2. I took a nap.  First off, it's 17 degrees here today.  I am so not going outside. Currently, it's 16. Brrr.
3. After the nap, I decided it was time to get serious.  I walked 15 minutes and then I cleaned my room, yes, I even dusted.  It's beautiful and I am proud.  I took pics to upload.
4. Next, the kitchen.  I am almost finished with that room.
REMINDER: Amanda broke the bucket, need to buy a new one tomorrow so that I can wash the floors.
5. Right now, I am going to check out a Billy Blanks, Jr. workout.  Be back soon.
On the exercise front, I did okay today.  There was the 15 minute walk earlier and tonight I did the following: Groove and Burn Disco 15m, Zumba Hip Hop 6m (I really liked this workout), Defined Dancer Abs 12m, and BurnUp HipHop Bolly 13m. 
Had a bowl of Raisin Bran for dinner and now it's time to enter Slumberland.

Til tomorrow!

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