Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Past

Lazy, rainy, lovely Sunday. Lots to do. Need to write out party invites and Christmas cards. Gather donations for VA pick up. Scrap a new album, clean my room, laundry, and workout. Whew! No more lazing about, got work to do. And a huge shout out to Mister for a most spectacular birthday. You are amazing!  He is so amazing that he came over this evening - said a birthday is all weekend.  Baked him chocolate chip cookies.  We napped.  He is lovely!

Now for Christmas Past:

My parents were awesome.  My Dad worked at Sears and whenever the catalog came out, my sister, brother and I would write out our lists.  I am sure we got everything on our lists.  During our baths on Christmas Eve, one of Santa's elves would ring our doorbell and leave new p.j.s.  My folks hosted a Christmas Eve party for many years.  Christmas Day was spent like this: wake up brother and get him to wake up parents, open gifts, dress, go to Grandma D's for breakfast, Nana's for lunch and Grampa's for dinner, then finally, back home.  We never got to play with our gifts until the 26th.  But our Christmases were always filled with excitement!

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