Saturday, October 2, 2010

To the Pumpkin Farm

I drove to Mom's to get some coupons she had for the pumpkin farm. Picked up A, K and J.  Then Mel.  The weather was perfect - not cold, not hot.  Perfect.  K went through a real corn maze, not just one made of husks.  She picked most of the pumpkins.  We are all partial to the smaller ones for decorating.  At the little store/bakery, we bought apples, peppers, potatoes, cider and caramel apples. And fudge, ladylocks, cheese danish and frosted ghost cookies for the boys.  As we were having such a good time being together, we went to Panera's for lunch.  Then to Mel's to play a round of "Rock Band."  K stayed with Mel.  I took A and J home.  Then went home to bake the turkey loaf I would need to make pot pie tomorrow.  I had K stay over.  She got here late as Mel took her for a pedicure and then to Max and Erma's for dinner.  K and I watched "Kick Ass," which we really enjoyed.  Then bed cause I don't do too many late nights anymore.

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