Friday, October 8, 2010

The Home Issue

It's October and October in Pennsylvania is truly beautiful.  The leaves are just starting to change.  I walk by here often.  It's lovely all year round.
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This is the front of my house.  The fencing that is off color is new and not yet painted.  In June 2008, we had a microburst storm.  Filled my basement with 5 feet of water.  Lost everything - dryer, hot water tank, furnace, all holiday decorations and anything else that was stored down there.  On the bright side, I have a very clean basement. Anywho, there was also a gas leak. To get to the turn off, the firemen had to chop down some of the fence.  Instead of staining it next spring, I am going to have it painted.
This is my front porch.  I am in the process of winterizing it.  This glider, did you know that gliders have different patterns and that the pattern can determine their worth?  I did not. I learned this from a neighbor a few doors down who is coveting my glider and has offered a blank check for it.  Not happening. We throw a big cushion on it and sit.  In the summer time, I put a beige rug on the porch and hang white lace curtains on one end.  Makes it like a summer room.  I put a lantern and candles on end tables and magazines/books on the coffee table.  I turn the glider around to face the front window.  On warm evenings, we open the screen, turn the t.v. to face out, make popcorn and snacks, the girls choose an On Demand movie and that's our movie night. 
The foyer.  The front entrance. The hall.  Whatever.  This is where you enter my home.  It needs a new floor.  My niece has offered to put down new tile for me.  My sister would have.  Gosh, I miss her.  Okay, so this is the entrance. This chair, which I love, a neighbor was getting rid of.  I couldn't let it go to the trash.  It is so quaint.  I hang my coats here, my keys in this bowl, and in the bench, I keep my winter gloves, scarves and extra bulbs for the overhead lighting.
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Off to the left of the hall is the living room.  This paneling has been here forever.  My Dad paneled most of the walls because they were in pretty bad shape and when they bought the house they needed a quick and inexpensive fix.  I don't mind the paneling in this room.  This paneling is not real wood so it would take lots of prepping to paint.  I'll just leave it like it is. 

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