Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spending time with K

Spending my time with K is a joy.  She is my number one person.  My sweet baby girl.  Her sense of humor is HUGE and we have so much fun together.  Today we got up and she totally took over the computer, connecting with her friends on FB, playing games and chatting with her Mom.  Once she was done with that, we went to Starbucks for breakfast, then drove into the office.  K had a school project she was working on so we went to the office to do research and print out the results. (I sort of lost or maybe misplaced a vital piece to my printer).  We have too much fun riding in the car, singing along with the radio or just playing one of the many games K has invented over the years.  After I took her home, I came home and it's just so darn quiet and empty without her.  Anyway, I sprayed a first coat on the headboard. Caught up with The Office and Project Runway and as I have too many scrapbook kits piling up, decided to get started on one of ScrapStation's album kit. 

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