Monday, September 20, 2010

The Signature Me = Homebody, plus I'm nice

Hmmm, if a friend or family member described you, what would they say?  Most of my family would say, flighty, wild, "out there," selfish, independent, hard-working.  He would say, funny, cute, a really nice girl and a little crazy, too.  Friends would say, she works hard, she's funny, she's too nice.  I would say I am a nice girl, but I do have a temper sometimes, just ask my kids.  I would say I love to have fun, I love to laugh and to make people laugh, I am a super happy person, and I am nice cause I'm not good at saying no and because I really do like to make people happy. 
I don't think I have a signature look, I just like to look nice.  I love my clothes, especially my dresses and find that most of my pieces are black and white. 
I have no absolute favorite color, but prefer light pink and certain shades of green. 
My favorite foods are chicken and green beans and I love my own cooking.  I'd rather cook than eat out.
I love to walk and I think I listen to music more than I watch t.v. 
When I do watch t.v., I think it's mostly reality shows, i.e., Top Chef, Project Runway, MTV gauntlet/duels, Chopped and America's Next Top Model.  Though I adore Rescue Me and didn't miss a single episode of Drop Dead Diva.
I love, love, love magazines - a variety, depending on my mood.  And books, books, books. 
As for being a homebody, I am.  I would rather cook a good meal and stay in.  My favorites are staying home, watching t.v., eating good food, snuggling. 
It's finished. Finally! And I even wore it today.

The moon tonight is gorgeous! It's almost full and it is streaming in the back windows lighting up the rooms.  Gorgeous!

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