Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Changes = Life Lessons or Hello Autumn!

Today was gorgeous! Blue skies, sunshine, heavenly! I started the day with a 4.6 mile walk. Felt good.

Changes.  Everyday life changes.  Some changes are so subtle you don't even notice.  Some changes can be so huge they shake your whole world.  Some changes are good, some are not.  This year has been sprinkled with changes, small and large.  First there was my sister's sickness and then her passing (life altering change, a bad one); next the last of the nest moved out (another life altering change, but a good one), then I began to date again after a two and one-half year hiatus, Mom's knee replacement surgery (short term life change) and recently my Dad's heart attack (he's doing well, thank goodness).  

My personal changes were diet (lost 40 lbs), exercise so much more, eat much better, bought new clothes and shoes and had my hair done.  These are all great changes.

The house - got that extra kitchen cleaned out, next is painting.  Spray painted wicker furniture a glossy black for my "new" bedroom.  Went on a shopping spree at IKEA to outfit this room.  Walls are painted, just need the floor done.  Got a new furnace and a new water heater.  Basement cleaned out (no junk piling up there).  

And these are just changes to my own little world.  Change is everywhere.  Thankfully, I go with the flow.

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