Thursday, September 30, 2010

Accomplishment = Meeting the Goal

30 posts!  One a day for a month. That's a goal and it's been met.  Credit goes to Shimelle's "Learn Something New Everyday" class.  Now, I just need to order the photos and then I will put together the book.  Ta Da! I also finished a sweater and started a new one. Got back on the exercise trail, spent time with a totally great guy, cleaned out the spare kitchen and more!  The downs are, I still miss my sister horribly.  My Dad had a heart attack.
BUT, I am so excited for October!  The changing of the leaves, the sweatshirt weather, the hot chocolate and long walks, the zoo, the costumes, the candy (NOT), just all the joys the new season brings.  And as I have saved all of the Shimelle classes, I am going to create the "There's No Place Like Home" project during October. 
It's cold today (for me cold is anything under 90 degrees, but I am TRYING to embrace the cold cause it's gonna be here for a long while).  But it is cold - 57 and rainy. 

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