Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Weekend

A flash rainstorm and part of the street flooded.

Pretty flowers.

Pretty flowers transplanted.

Friday - Doctors and then shopping and dinner with the folks and my sister.
Saturday - We had Ben this weekend and he was so much fun. My Mom, Sis, and Daughter came over and we transplanted flowers and had a picnic lunch. We all watched the very first episode of "The Closer" together (Mom had missed that one) and later Amanda and I went to the grocers for dinner things. Made a pretzel salad and lemon chicken kabobs.
Sunday - A flash storm and the end of the street flooded. Lots of playtime with Ben. I finished my altered project for Simply Obsessed.
Monday - Mom came over and we whipped up some home fries and eggs for breakfast. She left, Ben's Mom picked him up, my children took theirs to their Dad's for a picnic and I had the house all to myself. I turned off all the t.v.'s, playstations, radios, etc. and enjoyed some audio quiet. Then I cleaned the upstairs bathroom and kitchen and did loads of laundry and got myself ready for the new week.

I hope you had a fun and peaceful weekend!

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