Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Bloggin'

The weekend was wonderful! Kayla came over on Friday and then Cammi came and stayed over, too. This is Cammi with her splint. She fell off the monkey bars at school. No damage (hopefully, more x-rays this week).

We were up early Saturday for the Church's bi-annual rummage sale. Kayla's best buy of the day was an Olympus Digital Camera, with memory card, batteries, USB, software and instruction book, all for $5.00! This will be a great camera for her to learn on before we upgrade.

There were also lots of yard sales that we HAD to visit. Other good finds were lots of Beanie Babies (those girls!), still in the original wrapper, never-opened, twin sheet sets from Sears; there were two sets and an extra fitted bottom - all five for $1.00!!! Let's see, Kayla and Kaileen each bought a green coke bottle, phones to use for play, binders, earrings. Kayla bought an electric candle for her room, hmmmm, and I think that's it. Cammi bought doll furniture, a porcelain box for her dresser, a Mickey Mouse glass for herself and a Care Bear glass for her sister, hmmm, a few other things, I'm sure, AND a jar of blueberry jam. My 'steals' for the day, besides the sheets, were a book and movie for Jayme, cereal bowls, Christmas party invitations and a Santa cross-stitch book. It was a grand shopping day.

Later, Cammi went home, and Kayla played til it started to rain. We love to walk in the rain and so we did, got to the corner, a bus came, we climbed on and had a rainy evening adventure. Of course we ended up in Squirrel Hill. No weekend is complete without a jaunt to the Hill. Ice cream at Rita's, Panini's at B&N, and a quick stop at Rite-Aid for very large bandages to cover the very large boo-boo Kayla got when she fell.

Once home, she was asleep before I could finish changing us out of wet clothes.

She sleeps.

I am still in the process of de-winterizing the house (though we keep having freezing advisories). I finally put away the Chenille (I LOVE Chenille) and put on new bedding. So pretty.

Sunday, Kaileen made her communion. Kayla got dressed up. She looked very pretty and grown up.

And of course, we topped off the weekend with a visit to Starbuck's, me, Amanda, Kayla and Jayme, then we drove Jayme to work and we all went back to our respective homes and to bed.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend!!! I hope your weekend was lots of fun, too!

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  1. HA! De-winterizing the house... I like that! I should do the same except I'd call it "De-Christmasizing" the house. I'm NOT good at it, lol!!

    Good luck!!! :)