Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Heart

these divine little Moleskine Journals. Luckily, the local B&N carries a whole line of Moleskin Journals. Though I probably won't decorate the covers, each will be assigned a theme and I will use Thickers and other letter stickers for titles. These little Journals are perfect!

In addition to scrapbooking, I also love making my own sketches and then page kits to go with them. This is what I worked on Sunday evening - sketches and page kits. Now, when I have a little spare time, I can just grab a kit and some photos and I'm scrapping in no time.

Let's see, Kayla has her finger in a splint, Amanda's sonogram showed a healthy baby, but she, herself, may have a few problems, Ben thought "Wolverine" was AWESOME, and Brendan is a handful, a busy, climbing, bouncy boy. I just finished/started another book, the weather is wet and the rivers are rising, but flowers are blooming and the spring cleaning is coming along nicely.

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