Monday, November 18, 2019

Countdown to Christmas, Week Three.

Week 3 has officially begun.  

To-Do this week:
1)   Continue shopping for gifts;
2)   Update Christmas card list;
3)   Purchase or order Christmas cards.  I have so many boxed sets that I really do not need to buy any for a few years.  However, there are so many adorable cards that when I see a set that appeals to me, I just have to buy them;
4)   Make and freeze a batch of baked goods (unfrosted cookies, bars, quick breads);
5)   Start collecting boxes and gift bags to use for gift wrapping, or do what K and I like to do – buy a roll of brown mailing paper from the dollar store.  Gather paints, stickers, ribbon, trim and create your own gift wrap.  One year, using an envelope template from Mirkwood, K fingerpainted on the brown paper and we cut out envelopes for money and gift card gifts;
6)   Start wrapping gifts as they are bought.  I must do this because I really do not like to wrap; and
7)  Finalize Thanksgiving dinner menu and entertainment plans.



Monday, November 11, 2019

Countdown to Christmas, Week Two.

Week 2 has officially begun. 

To-Do this week:
1)     Continue shopping for gifts;
2)     Begin buying nonperishable items for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.
3)     Decide what table settings and linens you will be using for each holiday dinner.  Do you need to purchase something new? Mend or launder a tablecloth or dinner napkin? Replace a table setting or polish silver?
4)     Stock up on Holiday themed paper products, i.e., plates, cups, eating utensils, place mats.  While I set a pretty table using china and linens for the main dinners, I like to use Holiday themed paper products for my Annual Ornament Exchange, potluck and impromptu get togethers.
5)     Decorate for Thanksgiving.

Last week, we worked on the guest list for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Now it’s time to send out the invites.



Monday, November 4, 2019

Countdown to Christmas! Week One.

Now that Halloween has been put away for another year, it is time to begin our Christmas Countdown!
I’ve counted down to Christmas for what seems like forever.  

I always begin by breaking out a new journal for writing all my holiday lists and to-dos.  Then I get out my big 5" binder chock full of recipes, instructions for gifts to make, my cleaning, shopping and entertaining lists, and decorating ideas.  This so gets me in the mood for celebrating and making the most of the holiday season.    
On our Holiday To-Do List for Week 1:

1) Set budget for gift giving;
2) Write out gift list;
3) Work on Thanksgiving Day guest list;
4) Work on Thanksgiving Day menu;
5) Create Holiday Calendar – mark special dates;
6) Begin shopping; and
7) Browse catalogs for gifts, begin ordering.



Friday, November 1, 2019

November, today.

November ushered in on strong winds.  There's a nip in the air and time to get out the scarves, hats and mittens. 

November is the perfect time to get cozy, binge watch new flicks on Netflix, play board games with the kiddies, learn something new.  Stack piles of blankets in a basket and keep within reach when watching a good movie with the kiddies.  Light a few candles (we are currently burning Mama's Kitchen by Antique Candle Co.).  Curl up with a good book.  Dream, plan, relax, be thankful.

This month:

I have a few crochet projects I am working on;

In our home-school studies, we will be talking community, neighbors and being thankful;

We will be diligently cleaning the house in preparation for the holiday parties we plan to host; and

We will be sipping our share of warm apple cider and hot chocolate (note to self: marshmallows).

Warmly, Trish